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Go Green! Save Green! Make Green!

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Happy Father's Day!

A Godly Man

I Love a Godly Man

A man who has postponed his plans to fly planes and sail to exotic places

So that his children will have memories of a dad who taught them to fish, swim and change a bicycle tire

I Love a Godly Man

A man whose strong hands handle the greasy, dark, and dirty jobs that no one else wants to do
And gently pat a fussy baby to sleep

I Love a Godly Man

Who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders during the day
And carries small children on them during a game of “Horse” at night

I Love a Godly Man
A man who understands that real Success is not found in the boardroom

But in watching his children grow and learn and love

I Love a Godly Man

A man whose character is sterling and velvet, whose handshake is better than gold, and whose word stands for honor, integrity and trust.

I Love a Godly Man

A man who is creating a spiritual legacy that will affect generations to come

And who knows that his real treasure is stored up in a bett…

Java, Jammies, and Jesus

A Message from a Dear Friend: Today I offer to you (below) 5 days worth of positive, power-packed affirmations based on His word to help you in your journey this week.  If you print them out, post them somewhere accessible, and then say them throughout the day, you will feel energy coming into your body, your load will be lightened, and you will get more done with less effort in less time.  That's what agreeing with God does!!
But first --- if you haven't done so already, may I encourage you to get a hold of my new book, "Have I Ever Told You, You're My Favorite!  The Importance of Feeling Special" and deepen your understanding of the favor of God FOR YOU personally?   To buy from Amazon, click here! God desires you to think and feel about yourself as He thinks and feels about you.  You will feel so settled, so free, and so excited about living when you become awakened to and then grounded in His favor.  It …

No Toxic Zone: Watch CNN's Toxic America Special

No Toxic Zone: Watch CNN's Toxic America Special: TONIGHT~ If you are still in-doubt about whether toxic chemicals play a part in illness and cancer, I suggest you watch the following programs. Wednesday and Thursday, June 2nd and 3rd, at 8pm EST,CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta will be airing an eye-opening investigativestory: Toxic America. If you care about public and environmental health, it's must-see TV.

Did you know that the government has not evaluated the chemicials in our household products and food since 1976? Think of how drastically food and home cleaners have changed in the last 30 years. They are not regulated.

This is why I shop at a special online wholesale club... better, safer, and more cost-effective products every month.

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