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Pumpkin Season ALL Year Long???

I LOVE Pumpkin Season! And love all things pumpkin. So, I'm so glad that I learned early on (from my mom) how to 'put up' pumpkin (PA Dutch term). If you haven't 'put up' your own pumpkin before, let me tell you how easy it is! Then you can easily have Pumpkin ALL year long!

My home state of PA grows this squash called Long Neck Pumpkins. The bulb end has all the seeds, and the 'neck' is all meat! If you have small round pumpkin pie pumpkins, you can 'put them up' the same way. When I moved to NY and found they had no idea what a long neck pumpkin was, I set out to grow my own. A local farmer in PA was kind enough to instruct me on how to start my seeds inside, since upstate NY has a shorter growing season than PA.

I'm back in PA again and don't have to worry about growing my own if I don't want to. Every local farmer grows my favorite Long Necks!

So, to start, I do wash the outside of my pumpkins. Then I cut them in 1/2 or in 1/3's…