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I made these delicious chocolates to take with me while visiting family out of state. They are so simple and taste so good that even my non-Keto family & friends loved them. Believe me, you won't be able to stay out of them! However, I will be honest and let you know that there are 2g Carbs (1g Net) in each chocolate. That's because I still had some Semi-Sweet Bakers Chocolate in my cupboard that I decided to use. The next time I make these, I will probably double the 85% Chocolate portion and eliminate the Semi-Sweet Chocolate. That also means that I may have to adjust my Sweeteners too.

Super Easy Dark Chocolates


8 T. Coconut Oil38 g. Semi-Sweet Bakers Chocolate38 g. Unsweetened Bakers Chocolate38 g. 85% Bakers Chocolate1 t. Vanilla Extract1 T. Swerve Powdered Sweetener1 T. Bocha Sweet Sweetener


In a saucepan, preferably a double boiler, melt the coconut oil on low heat.Add chocolate and whisk until almost melted and remove from heat.Add vanilla &…