Friday Funny #3 ( a day early...)

I'm on the road tomorrow, but didn't want to forget to send my Friday Funny!

A Great Attitude...


Low Carb Nuts


Pumpkin Cloud Bread French Toast

I have been in the mood for French Toast for the last week or so and finally broke down to make it last night.

My Pumpkin Cloud Bread puffed up so much it was touching the top rack of my oven. Luckily, I was able to get the rack out without demolishing the bread. The recipe said to bake it at 300* until it was golden brown on top (40-50min). Mine was already dark brown at 40 min. So I pulled it out and dumped it out of the pan onto parchment paper. I wanted it too cool so I could slice it. However, I didn't want it to cool all the way, so started slicing away... Dang it, it wasn't quite done in the middle. Oh, well, I'm going to fry it in butter anyway, right?

I thought it turned out great! I think next time, I won't put as much batter in my loaf pan and make sure that it is cooked the whole way through. The last thing is to not make my syrup as sweet as I did. I've been playing with different recipes, so will keep testing until we find the one we like!

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