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The Girls' Bill of Rights

By Jane Balvanz, MSE, RPT

At one time girls were considered “sugar and spice and everything nice.” It was proper they were seen and not heard, ate like a bird, portrayed themselves as unintelligent, and sought to reach the pinnacle of catching a husband.

Times have changed, and there are new unwritten rules. As girls strive to fit in, they worry about doing it all: getting good grades, looking perfect, performing well in extra-curricular activities, and having the right friends. The result is stress laced with insecurity, often resulting in eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. Will they ever be enough?

As everyday stressors mount, it’s time to let our girls know they are enough. They do not have to do or be anything to be valued. Their sheer existence is enough. Let’s help them grow to become strong, self-actualized women by guaranteeing them The Girls’ Bill of Rights. They are what girls need to get through relational aggression, solve friendship problems, build self-es…