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Down 15 Pounds

I thought I'd start Blogging about my weight loss. Kind of as a accountability thing. If I have to put it down for the world to see, then maybe I'll do better than I have in the past. Although, I must say that the 15 pounds that I am down, did not come easy but also without a whole lot of work either. (contradictory, I know!) It took me 3 months to achieve that and the last 2 1/2 months to maintain it. We went on a cruise the beginning of November and then all the Holiday eating, so I'm pretty proud that I didn't gain it all back. Those 15 pounds were lost without any exercise routine, except the little jog from my office - across the church - down the steps to the classrooms and back. And with moderate changes to my diet. But now I'm in serious mode. I've been challenged by a friend at work to totally re-think my eating and exercise. So this week it begins. I'll keep you updated as I go and maybe even share some pics!