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Macros & Calculators

There are many Keto Calculators to be found on the internet. The one above is found on Maria Emmerich's website
These calculators were & are a huge help in my Keto Journey. Some Keto people will tell you not to track your macros but to eat intuitively. This can be great advise if you are already Keto-adapted and know what you are doing or have already reached your health goal (weight loss or otherwise).
I've been thinking about my weight loss journey and looking at my calendar from the last post and started wondering what changed that my weight loss decreased in the last few months. I figured it out...
It's actually a few things:
1. I started eating intuitively even though I hadn't reached my weight loss goal yet.
2. I changed the ingredients in my bulletproof coffee.
3. I have not been eating enough protein.
4. I have been eating too much fat.
5. I started looking at NET carbs instead of TOTAL carbs.
6. I have not incorp…

2017 Weight Loss Stats

These are my weight loss stats for 2017 while eating the Ketogenic way. It certainly is not super impressive in any way. I've seen stories of people who have amazing stats. However, I am super pleased with my stats. I am not in a race to see who can lose the most the fastest. I am in a marathon; going for the long haul. This is a forever lifestyle change now and I can't be more pleased with my results.

BUT.... I am hoping to lose 5lbs in both January & February, because my daughter, my sister, my niece, and I are going on a cruise together in March. {We are celebrating my daughter's senior year of highschool... :-(  }

So, whatever your progress, celebrate that you are progressing!!

The KetogenicGirl's Newest Cookbook - Keto Essentials

So excited about the newest cookbook I just received! The education/information in the front of the book is really great! And the recipes look amazing! I did make one already and loved it. (I'll post about that later!) But, this cookbook is a definite keeper... Go get yourself one!!

"Instant Pot" or Pressure Cookers

So the new rage in cooking is the "Instant Pot"... However, I did not want to spend over $120. And I was not interested in a small size. So, I did some checking around and I found over at a Kalorik Pressure Cooker 6.25qt for under $70!! Yes, now that's a deal. So, It arrived Tuesday and I had to wash it and use it immediately!! It is soooooooo awesome!! I love it!!!

I had turkey & chicken bones and spinach & egg plant in the freezer that I was holding for such an occasion so I could make some Bone Broth. I added apple cider vinegar, thyme, rosemary, garlic, & salt. Pressed all the appropriate buttons (Manual mode did take me a few minutes to figure and set it for 1 hr. Voila, in just over 1 hr (due to time for pressure build up and pressure release), I had amazing Bone Broth!

My next venture will be a Chili for tomorrow night's dinner. And since I have to work in the morning and then go do my grocery shopping, It won't matter…